Resource page for sng 1.0.5

22 Nov 2010

SNG (Scriptable Network Graphics) is a minilanguage designed specifically to represent the entire contents of a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) file in an editable form. Thus, SNGs representing elaborate graphics images and ancillary chunk data can be readily generated or modified using only text tools.

SNG is implemented by a compiler/decompiler called sng that losslessly translates between SNG and PNG.

sng is production-ready, and has been tested on all 155 of the non-broken images in the png test suite.

Downloads are available from SNG's SourceForge page.

(The author, Eric S. Raymond, is a credited contributor to the libpng reference library, and also maintains gif2png. For more information on the PNG format and associated tools, see the official PNG website)

Source code downloads are available on the SourceForge project page.

COPYINGproject license
ChangeLogchange log
NEWSproject news
TODOto-do file
READMEroadmap file
sng-1.0.5.tar.gzgzipped source tarball
sng.htmlHTML rendering of sng.1

There is a Freshmeat sng page.